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    Benefit & Discount Partners

Sometimes Promise Keepers runs into organizations that we feel would benefit those that support PK. Some of these programs will help you in your spiritual growth, and others are for your physical body while others is helping you to be good stewards of what the Lord has provided you. Many of these organizations will provide some benefit back to Promise Keepers for your support. In order to track it, we simply ask that you click through our links below so that the partner website knows that you came from the PK website.

We will be updating our partners constantly and should you have any problems with one of partners, please feel free to contact us. If you are interested in being a partner, please contact us.

Featured Ministry Partners

Covenant Eyes

Internet Accountability Software

Learn more about Covenant Eyes
Eye Promise is internet and accountability software provided by PK’s partner, Covenant Eyes. It is software that keeps track of the websites you visit and reports them to someone you trust who will help keep you accountable.

Learn more about EyePromise


Learn more about Verseminder
The Fun Way to Hide God’s Word in Your Heart!

Did you ever imagine that memorizing scripture could be easy and fun? Imagine how your life might be different with a steady stream of truth and light flowing effortlessly into your heart. That was our goal for the VerseMinder.

At the interval you choose this application for your computer, iphone, or Android reminds you of a verse you are currently learning or one you learned previously. As you get more and more familiar with the verse it hides more and more words. But you can always click for a hint. With just a few seconds reminder a few times a day you will quickly learn verses… And it’s fun! Then before you know it you will find this has become a lifetime verse, always ready in your heart.

Learn more about Verseminder

PKFamily Internet Filter

Filtered Internet – an Internet Filter brought to you by Affinity4

pkFamily.com is an internet filtering service provided by PK’s partner, Affinity4. Click here to find out more about pkFamily.com
Rates and Services

Dialup Service

pkFamily is happy to offer you full-service filtered Internet at only $14.95 per month. A portion of this fee is passed on to Promise Keepers to help further our worldwide ministry.

High Speed Dialup ServiceLearn more about PK Family Internet Filter

pkFamily is pleased to introduce high speed dial-up service! This exciting new service delivers speeds up to 5X faster than regular dialup and includes a pop-up blocker. This service is available for $15.95 per month. A portion of this fee is passed on to Promise Keepers to help further our worldwide ministry to men.

Filter Only Service
Over the years, many people have switched to pkFamily’s dialup and DSL services. However, some people have expressed interest in having their existing Internet connection filtered. While this option does not offer all of the benefits of our full service dialup and DSL service, it does provide reliable web browsing protection for your family online. The cost is only $5.95 per month and the service works with ALL Internet Service Providers.

Learn more about PKfamily Internet filter


Learn more about NetBibleTagger
NETBibleTagger is a new and innovative way to quote and link to the Bible from your existing scripture references. Plain references turn into hyperlinks which create a small in-line windows (tooltips), when the user mouses over them. This tooltip displays the text in the passage(s) that were referenced. A “Read more” link is provided allowing one to view in context the reference and to study it further in the free NET ® Bible Study Environment! Now, you have access to the same great Bible quoting that Bible.org has been using for years to enhance its readers’ experiences. The Translation used is the NET ®. You can find out more about it here, and here is a comparison of the NET with the NIV and ESV.

Learn more about NetBibleTagger

Core 300

Men’s Curriculum…Discipleship for Service

Men’s Ministry is the active pursuit of men in discipleship, connecting them to reality and Kingdom service.

God, His Word, three years of Bible based curriculum, and the authentic interaction with other men all are necessary to disciple men in their unique purpose, design. and service. Core 300 is a non-denominational men’s ministry that has developed cutting edge curriculum for men. We support the local church and help to free Christian men then deploy them into world-changing ministry. Men’s small groupslearn more about Core300 thrive as do our men’s discipleship classes, men’s Bible studies and men’s ministries at local churches. Core men’s ministries also partners with Promise Keepers and Cleansing Stream ministries and denominations as a men’s ministry organization dedicated to calling out, freeing, training and empowering men as disciples and Christian Warriors “Into the Arena.”

Learn more about getting men’s ministry resources.

Men of Integrity – A daily devotional published by Christianity Today

Men of Integrity is a publication of Promise Keepers and Christianity Today.

Does your daily walk as a believer sometimes start to seem pretty routine stuff? Then it’s high time to take a step back and remind yourself where you’d be if it weren’t for the gospel.

In Men of Integrity, you’ll read how people hit walls—and how God’s power radically reshaped their lives. Your life, too, can draw on that power, as you develop a consistent pattern of Bible reading, reflection, and prayer—all of which Men of Integrity helps you to do. Get started now to experience the power.

Need help spending regular time in the Word and with the Lord? Men of Integrity is a proven resource that helps men get into the Bible!

Whether you are preparing for a conference or working to grow more Christ-like after the conference, Men of Integrity is a unique tool you will find helpful.

  • Addresses real issues faced by men today
  • Daily reading can be completed in 5-10 minutes
  • Handy pocket-size

Learn more about Men of Integrity
*Request your free trial issue today! If, like thousands of other men, you find that you enjoy Men of Integrity, keep the trial issue and enjoy a full year for the special PK web price of $17.95 (new subscriptions only). Each issue is packed with inspirational devotionals that will help you get into the Bible!

*Once you click on the above links, you will be leaving the PK website. All Men of Integrity business is taken care of by Christianity Today, Inc.

If you have questions or concerns about your subscription:
Please visit Christianity Today or call them at 1-800-999-1704

You can also write them at:

Christianity Today International

Attn: Customer Service

P.O. Box 37060

Boone, Iowa 50037-0060.

Men of Integrity is a daily devotional that uses key Bible verses with testimonials on subjects to help you grow in your faith. Each daily devotional is centered around a weekly theme. The devotional also includes daily personal challenges and applications for personal study or group discussion.