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    Spanish Interpretation Captain

Purpose: To direct and work closely with Spanish Interpreters and Spanish Radio Distributors to ensure all equipment and services for Spanish Interpretation is working properly and ready for the start of the conference. Assist the Spanish Interpreters with the interpretation process to ensure quality interpretation during the conference. Ensure every church within your sphere of influence actively partner in sending men to the conference.

Reports to: Conference Services Group II Leader

Works closely with: Spanish Radio Distributors and Spanish Interpreters

Special Qualifications/Preferred Profile:

  • Servant-Leader, caring, teachable
  • Responsible and organized
  • 3-5 years simultaneous interpretation experience preferred
  • Good communicator with ability to effectively communicate verbally in Spanish and English
  • Service oriented
  • Fluent in both English and Spanish

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Be familiar with the volunteer job descriptions of the Spanish Interpreters
  • Recruit all Spanish Interpretation Team members
  • Help to ensure the conference is “SOLD OUT”
  • Attend scheduled conference leadership planning/prayer meetings to ensure:
    • Volunteer conference job descriptions are handed out
    • Understanding of Conference Team Roster/Overview
    • All volunteer paperwork is completed
    • Volunteer positions are filled in accordance with PK Volunteer Position & Shift Schedule
    • Understand recruiting methods, resources, and strategies
  • Meet with the Spanish Interpreters to go over job responsibilities
  • Obtain the program Minute by Minute from PK Headquarters Office on Friday of the conference
  • Provide orientation to the Spanish Interpretation Team volunteers
  • Support the Spanish Radio Distributors as needed

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Ensure all Interpretation needs are met and ready to go by the door opening time, check schedule to confirm the time
  • Meet with the Spanish Radio Distributors to ensure they understand their role and duties
  • Ensure the Spanish Radio Distributors are in place to distribute, document, and subsequently collect radios and FM receivers
  • To assist with interpretation as necessary
  • To ensure all equipment, FM receivers, supplies and signs are retrieved, inventoried, and packed and ready for shipment

Time Commitment/Shift(s):