Common Questions about the 2020 Conference

When can I register (buy tickets)?

Registration officially opens August 1, 2019. Please visit our Facebook page or home page at 6am MST on August 1st to gain access. For those who pre-registered, an email will be sent to you on July 31, 2019 with the private registration link.

So, you’re interested in a simulcast in your local area? Maybe you’re thinking of hosting it at your church, or renting out a theater to host? Am I right?

Here’s the key question: What is the vision that God is giving you? This question isn’t necessarily focused on the simulcast. Think about the movement of God in your life. Think about revival.

Then consider this challenging question: is God calling you to attend the event in Dallas? It’s a year away but tickets are going fast. Pray and see what God is saying to your heart.

We will not be launching the simulcast network for several months. In the meantime, I challenge you to pray about attending Dallas and bringing other men with you. If that doesn’t seem to be in the Lord‘s will for your life, then I ask you to consider setting up a simulcast in your church or a local venue.

If you are interested signing up for information for further news about the hosting a simulcast, please fill out this form to get notified by email as soon as info is available. God is on the move. We are excited that you want to be a part of it.

We will know more about the Simulcast options, pricing, host sites, etc. in late Fall 2019.

The 2020 Conference is intended for men. There will be opportunities for women to volunteer at the conference. Please fill out the volunteer form if you are interested. The suggested age for the 2020 Conference is 10 and up. The event is set up for men to hear from great speakers and experience powerful worship. If you feel your son would be able to focus and benefit from a great deal of listening, feel welcome to have him join you.

We have discounts available at a few nearby hotels - and more are in the works. When you register, you will receive emails with hotel information and more. The Hilton in Arlington is our featured hotel and will provide a discount rate for all PK attendees and a daily shuttle to and from the stadium. Call them at 1-817-640-3322 to book now.

Fall 2019

We are currently in the process of seeking God's leading through prayer about who should speak at this event. As soon as we have lined up the speakers we will release them through our Promise Keeper's newsletter first. Sign up for our eNewsletter on the home page. And, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. (@PromiseKeepers)

Promise Keepers has been in a relaunching season. We desire to see men mobilized, discipled, and networked beyond the day of an event.  In order to accomplish this goal we are partnering with hundreds of men’s ministries. As such, we will no longer simply be an event oriented ministry. Because we believe it is vital for men to gather together once a year we will identify an NFL Stadium in a key city and host an amazing event. Because no venue is large enough to host all of our nation’s Promise Keepers, we are creating a network of 25,000 locations simulcasts across our country to empowering every man to be able to come together at one time, with one voice. So yes, Promise Keepers is coming to your city, if not in person, via simulcast.

Our goal is to go into these cities and transform them by setting up infrastructure that will provide aid in the way of funds, teaching materials, men’s groups and local churches. It is our heart that we will always leave a city in a much better place than we found it by providing the necessary tools for continued transformation. We will pray about each consecutive year asking God to lead us to the next location.

We are currently in the process of deciding what our sponsor partnerships. Please send us your information and your ideas and we will communicate back with you.

While this is a private event, press members are invited to complete a brief press application form which will be released closer to the event. There will be no charge for members of the press who complete the brief process and are approved. A separate section reserved for the press will be provided

Ken Harrison shares some exciting news about what's in the near future for Promise Keepers on FamilyTalk.


  • Early Bird Registration: $90 (if purchased by Aug 31)
  • Early Bird Military, Veterans, First Responders (unlimited): $60
  • Family (2-19 tickets): $80
  • Groups (20+ tickets): $75
  • Simulcast Price TBD

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