Promise Keepers leader denounces porn use: ‘God didn’t create you to be that way’

August 13, 2021By PK ManagerNews

The leader of the men’s ministry organization Promise Keepers denounced the use of pornography, stating that “God didn’t create you to be that way.”


Promise Keepers Chairman and CEO Ken Harrison spoke at the 2022 Promise Keepers Marriage Summit’s two-hour virtual kickoff event, which was live-streamed on Monday.

During his comments, Harrison recounted recently being with a group of men and how, when discussing pornography, they claimed that “they couldn’t help themselves” and “God created them to be that way.”

“I said, ‘no, no, no,’” Harrison said. “God didn’t create you to be that way. God created you to have an intense longing for your wife. For the two to become one flesh. Sin created that same longing for every other woman.”

“The Bible says we must flee from sin. It’s an action. It’s a running in terror from it, because it will separate us from God, from our kids, from our wives.”

Harrison added that “men think that they have to live their lives laden down with lustful thoughts and lust. I’m telling you that you don’t.”

“The Bible didn’t tell you to flee from lustful desires when it couldn’t actually happen,” he continued. “You can’t get there in your flesh, you can’t get there by trying harder, you can’t get there by feeling guilty, but you can get there by giving your life over to Christ.”

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