Free Man Event

March 24, 2022By PK ManagerPromise Keepers Event

It’s time to be free.

Free to break away from sexual sin.
Free to lead your family without shame and guilt.
Free to live your life with courage, conviction, and integrity.

If that sounds impossible—we get it. Lust and graphic images re-wire our brains, sending us into cycles of sin and make us feel completely defeated.

But God wants you to have that freedom, and with His power, it’s possible.

If you’ve been struggling to live a life of purity and integrity, now is the time to take a stand against sexual sin and become the man you’ve always wanted to be. It IS possible.

Join us for real talk and real help.

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This 30-day challenge kicks off with a powerful 1-hour online event followed by a 30-day challenge on the Promise Keepers app (and through email). You’ll be armed with the power of Scripture and connected with other brothers in Christ, so you can finally break the chains of sexual sin and reclaim your integrity.

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