We Inspire Men to Reach HIGHER!

What an amazing event the Promise Keepers 2021 Men’s Conference was — all to GLORIFY our Lord and commit to a life of integrity along with thousands of other men. The events of the past several years have highlighted our world’s brokenness and desperate need for truth, hope, and redemption. We at Promise Keepers recognize that we as a nation are indeed at a crossroad.

Senator James Lankford summed up the crisis men are facing—and why Promise Keepers can be part of God’s solution.

Never in world history have men had so many distractions. Our nation, our families and our communities desperately need men to engage in what matters. I am committed to Promise Keepers because it puts a God-sized challenge in front of this generation of men and boys and it calls them to love, lead and listen in Christ’s name. It is time for men to seek forgiveness, take responsibility and set the example for others to follow. If we want our families and our world to be different, we must show men a better way.

As we come out of the pandemic, men have been left distracted, confused and looking for hope. Something certain and a clear role to play in their families, communities and workplaces. This is the heart of Promise Keepers; to equip men to stand during difficult times, to lead with integrity, with honor, with grace and with a humble heart. Now, maybe more than ever, we need the heart of our Father to be seen, to be heard, to be experienced so that all people will know He is The Great Promise Keeper. When we as humans fail, He does not. We saw four generations of men come together and experience a great move of God in Arlington, Texas this July. We witnessed hearts renewed, relationships restored. It was NOT ONLY those in attendance who experienced this renewal. But generations of men around the world who joined the event in churches and homes virtually across the U.S. and from 22 countries.

Tens of thousands of men will continue to be activated to lead and serve through the Promise Keepers event of today that goes beyond the impact in a single location. Moving forward we will continue to multiply the impact of our events through technology that allows us to both reach bigger audiences while connecting them in smaller local groups like never before.

The real hearts of men were changed, and the stories continue to pour in from grandfathers, fathers, and women who have seen the men in their lives living for God like never before. You may have missed the event live. But it’s not too late to join the movement. With your gift of any amount, you’ll receive digital access to videos of all of the messages from the Dallas weekend. You can engage in the sessions as much as you desire. Even share them with your family, friends or small group. We want you with us as we move forward.

We’re trusting God to move in your heart and the hearts of thousands of other men to answer the call and provide the financial support we need to expand and ignite the movement of men. A much needed movement today to impact our neighborhoods, churches and our nation. In addition to the Dallas messages, with your gift you’ll receive access to our top 4 Promise Keepers legacy messages.

The need is great. In fact, your support is more important today than at any time since our founding. Every day the next generation of men is bombarded with messages contrary to our beliefs and our God. Will you help us strengthen men across this nation and raise up the next generation of Promise Keepers in His image?

All I ask is that you prayerfully ask God what He would have you do to support this movement. Then, in that and all things, do as He leads.

Make your gift online today and we will send you a link for immediate access to both the Dallas event messages and our Top 4 Promise Keepers legacy messages.