A Daring Faith in a Cowardly World

June 28, 2022By Nicole StarkUncategorized

It’s time to cure our culture’s cowardice.

Are you ready to stop wasting time and start turning your mundane life into one of adventure and blessing? Ken Harrison, Chairman and CEO of Promise Keepers, masterfully weaves together powerful stories and deep truths from Scripture to point you to the life for which God has called you.

Ask Christians what they expect to happen to them after they die, and most will say they will go to heaven. And they’ll probably say that they will meet Jesus and hope to hear Him say, “Well done good and faithful servant.” But many believers know they are not living up to God’s calling on their lives. In fact, many might even admit their lives don’t honor God at all—at least Mondays through Saturdays.

In A Daring Faith in a Cowardly World, Ken Harrison masterfully uses his stories as a Los Angeles police officer, businessman, and leader of the largest Christian men’s movement Promise Keepers to explain and illustrate deep truths from God’s Word. This isn’t your typical inspirational book—it’s a hard-hitting work that packs a lot of truth into an easy-to-read page-turner. Each chapter starts and ends with a gripping story that has a twist, a “rest of the story” at the end of the chapter, and packs intense biblical truth and wisdom in the middle. You will:

  • Have a clear picture of what being a true follower of Christ looks like and how to become one
  • Gain insightful truths that lead to genuine “Aha!” moments in your life
  • Experience stories you won’t forget and that create a lasting change to your faith
  • Learn what the Bible says about the myriad of issues in today’s culture

Are you ready to take the first step towards a more courageous and bold life lived in Jesus? In A Daring Faith in a Cowardly World, find the motivation you’ve been longing for.

Hot off the press! The book is ranked #1 in Christian Leadership on Amazon.com.

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Ken Harrison, Chairman and CEO of Promise Keepers, recently spoke with The Stream’s Nancy Flory about his new book, A Daring Faith in a Cowardly World.

He explains how men are leaving the church because of what he calls “cheap grace,” and that many Christians will stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ and regret how they lived their lives because they could’ve received a much greater reward. Ken wants Christians to be daring in their faith and stand up for biblical values and be strong and courageous, even when society hates them and persecutes them.

Excerpts below:

Nancy: Why did you write the book [A Daring Faith in a Cowardly World]?

Ken: Well, in running Promise Keepers, I’ve seen that men are leaving the church in droves. You ask yourself why and there’s a lot of reasons … people give, but as I really talked to men, ‘Why are you leaving the church? What, what’s the point?,’ what I began to come up with is this idea of cheap grace, that it seemed inherently unjust to them and untrue, that if Jesus died for the sins of everybody, all they had to do was say a [prayer] and then everybody just went to the same heaven and that was it. And therefore life didn’t seem to have any make any difference or matter.

The idea was, ‘Well, if I said the magic prayer, then why should I go through the effort of going to church and tithing and doing all that stuff? What’s the point?’ And I thought, ‘I need to answer that question for them.’

Nancy: You also [wrote] that being certain of God’s will produces daring faith. How can we be certain of God’s will?

Ken: It says in Isaiah ‘whether you turn to the left or to the right, you’ll hear a voice behind you saying this is the way. Walk in it.’ And that’s a promise to people who have been completely abandoned in him. And I find that when I’m truly close to the Lord, there’s nothing inhibiting. There’s no sin or even preconceived notions, anger, bitterness, anything. His will is so clear, his voice is so clear. And then when it becomes cloudy, I realize [that] God doesn’t move. I move. And so if I’ve lost sight or his voice has become less clear, it means there’s something not right in my life. And so, at least for me, the clarity of his voice is a really good temperature gauge for how I’m doing spiritually.

Nancy: Is there something that I haven’t asked you that you think our readers would need to know or benefit from knowing about your book?

Ken: I think that courage comes from humility and a full grasp of the truth. When we’re not positive about what is true, then it’s hard for us to act boldly because we’re not positive that we’re right. And I think that this is what we see today. If we were to look back 10 years ago … it would be horrifying and shocking for us to think that Disney would be angry about a law about telling a five-year-old girl that maybe she’s a boy behind her parents’ back. That would be unfathomable only 10 years ago. In fact, John Stonestreet has a great quote. He says, ‘What was unthinkable 10 years ago is unquestionable today.’ I love that quote.

Why has such perversion of the truth advanced so fast and so quickly? I think it’s because Christians are not prepared with solid truth so that when Satan comes out with these awful evil lies, too many Christians just really don’t know how to respond. They just kind of stand there with their mouth gaping going, ‘I know that’s terrible, but I can’t explain why.’ And it’s because we have such a lack of knowledge of Scripture. And I think if we can call men and women back to God’s Word, back to understanding that what you do in this life very much matters for your entire eternity, I think that we’ll start to get men and women motivated to get back into Scripture, start standing up for truth and start risking a little bit of unpopularity. As I said [in] the book, the Sermon on the Mount is basically like this recipe that it starts off with ‘poor in spirit.’ That’s when you really start on the road to holiness, once you are poor in spirit. And the end of it, once we get all the way to holy, Jesus says blessed are you [when] you’re persecuted and people say all kinds of evil things about you.

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It’s a day for rejoicing. It’s also a day for action.

June 24, 2022By Nicole StarkCulture
Praise God! Roe v. Wade has been overturned.
But the work to support women and children is only beginning. It’s our time to rise up and be the men who stand in the gap for hurting families and single moms.
It’s time to show the world there is another way:
By providing help to women in our communities facing unplanned pregnancies and standing behind them with practical support.
By raising up men and boys who will not be the ones who leave their girlfriends pregnant and alone, but who are raised with a commitment to marriage and fatherhood.
It’s a day for rejoicing. It’s also a day for action.
See the video message from Promise Keepers Chairman, Ken Harrison and statements from Pastor Sam Rodriguez a legacy speaker for many Promise Keepers conferences and current member of our Board of Directors and Dr. Alveda King human-rights activist who is also a member of our Women’s Board. 

Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and the senior pastor of New Season Church, said that the Christian community still has a lot of work to do to show pro-abortionists God’s love and compassion.

“This long, dark night officially comes to an end,” Rodriguez says. “The unconscionable injustice of extreme abortion policies—aligning the U.S. with countries like North Korea and China—is over. Praise God. We must now put the same energy into demonstrating mercy and compassion as we have in our activism. Now is the time for the people of God to step up, proving they are comprehensively pro-life from the womb to the tomb, with actions that dignify, care for and protect the lives of mothers, children and families.

“We must be the hands and feet. Now is the time to unleash the greatest adoption movement in American history. Now is the time to come alongside women making difficult decisions and provide the necessary spiritual, emotional, relational and economic support necessary to undergird the continuum of life designed by God for all his children.”

Dr. Alveda King posted: “Roe is no more! The Supreme Court justices’ reversal of Roe v Wade with the critical Dobbs decision today is a victory for civil rights for the unborn. Sending the discussion of life vs abortion back to the states will help “we the people” on the state level grow to ensure that every unborn baby has the civil right to LIFE. Human dignity begins in the womb!

This favorable decision allows the states to reconsider the critical life issues America is facing and is a blessing. 

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” MLK 

One must now ponder more deeply this question: How can the Dream survive if we murder our children?”

Free Man Event

March 24, 2022By Nicole StarkPromise Keepers Event

It’s time to be free.

Free to break away from sexual sin.
Free to lead your family without shame and guilt.
Free to live your life with courage, conviction, and integrity.

If that sounds impossible—we get it. Lust and graphic images re-wire our brains, sending us into cycles of sin and make us feel completely defeated.

But God wants you to have that freedom, and with His power, it’s possible.

If you’ve been struggling to live a life of purity and integrity, now is the time to take a stand against sexual sin and become the man you’ve always wanted to be. It IS possible.

Join us for real talk and real help.

Watch on YouTube

This 30-day challenge kicks off with a powerful 1-hour online event followed by a 30-day challenge on the Promise Keepers app (and through email). You’ll be armed with the power of Scripture and connected with other brothers in Christ, so you can finally break the chains of sexual sin and reclaim your integrity.

Register to access the 30-Day Challenge.

NEW 7 Promises of a Promise Keeper Course

February 2, 2022By Nicole StarkUncategorized

It’s time to get back to the basics.

Millions of men around the world have changed their lives, saved their marriages, and walked more deeply with the Lord by committing to the 7 Promises. These seven simple promises are a rock in turbulent times, and that’s truer now than ever:

  1. Honor
  2. Brotherhood
  3. Integrity
  4. Family
  5. Serving
  6. Unity
  7. Obedience

Now, we’re pleased to announce a new, eight-week course on the 7 Promises that we’re offering to Promise Keepers worldwide absolutely free.

Starting this week on the Promise Keepers App, we’ll be covering one promise each week until we’ve reviewed all seven promises.

We’ll be rolling out exclusive access to legacy Promise Keepers materials featuring pastors and leaders like Coach Bill McCartney, Dr. Jack Hayford, Rev. Wellington Boone, Dr. Gary Chapman, Dr. Howard Hendricks, Dr. Steve Farrar, John C. Maxwell.

This eight-week course is absolutely free – all you have to do is download the official Promise Keepers App.

As the new year kicks off, take this opportunity to recommit to the 7 Promises by following along as we seek to honor God, love our brothers, and serve our families with integrity – together.


Support PK Projects in 2022

November 24, 2021By Nicole StarkUncategorized

We Inspire Men to Reach HIGHER!

What an amazing event the Promise Keepers 2021 Men’s Conference was — all to GLORIFY our Lord and commit to a life of integrity along with thousands of other men. The events of the past several years have highlighted our world’s brokenness and desperate need for truth, hope, and redemption. We at Promise Keepers recognize that we as a nation are indeed at a crossroad.

Senator James Lankford summed up the crisis men are facing—and why Promise Keepers can be part of God’s solution.

Never in world history have men had so many distractions. Our nation, our families and our communities desperately need men to engage in what matters. I am committed to Promise Keepers because it puts a God-sized challenge in front of this generation of men and boys and it calls them to love, lead and listen in Christ’s name. It is time for men to seek forgiveness, take responsibility and set the example for others to follow. If we want our families and our world to be different, we must show men a better way.

As we come out of the pandemic, men have been left distracted, confused and looking for hope. Something certain and a clear role to play in their families, communities and workplaces. This is the heart of Promise Keepers; to equip men to stand during difficult times, to lead with integrity, with honor, with grace and with a humble heart. Now, maybe more than ever, we need the heart of our Father to be seen, to be heard, to be experienced so that all people will know He is The Great Promise Keeper. When we as humans fail, He does not. We saw four generations of men come together and experience a great move of God in Arlington, Texas this July. We witnessed hearts renewed, relationships restored. It was NOT ONLY those in attendance who experienced this renewal. But generations of men around the world who joined the event in churches and homes virtually across the U.S. and from 22 countries.

Tens of thousands of men will continue to be activated to lead and serve through the Promise Keepers event of today that goes beyond the impact in a single location. Moving forward we will continue to multiply the impact of our events through technology that allows us to both reach bigger audiences while connecting them in smaller local groups like never before.

The real hearts of men were changed, and the stories continue to pour in from grandfathers, fathers, and women who have seen the men in their lives living for God like never before. You may have missed the event live. But it’s not too late to join the movement. With your gift of any amount, you’ll receive digital access to videos of all of the messages from the Dallas weekend. You can engage in the sessions as much as you desire. Even share them with your family, friends or small group. We want you with us as we move forward.

We’re trusting God to move in your heart and the hearts of thousands of other men to answer the call and provide the financial support we need to expand and ignite the movement of men. A much needed movement today to impact our neighborhoods, churches and our nation. In addition to the Dallas messages, with your gift you’ll receive access to our top 4 Promise Keepers legacy messages.

The need is great. In fact, your support is more important today than at any time since our founding. Every day the next generation of men is bombarded with messages contrary to our beliefs and our God. Will you help us strengthen men across this nation and raise up the next generation of Promise Keepers in His image?

All I ask is that you prayerfully ask God what He would have you do to support this movement. Then, in that and all things, do as He leads.

Make your gift online today and we will send you a link for immediate access to both the Dallas event messages and our Top 4 Promise Keepers legacy messages.

PK2021: Leaders for Their Church and Community

July 8, 2021By Nicole StarkUncategorized

‘Leaders for Their Church and Community’: Promise Keepers’ 2021 Men’s Conference Coming to Texas’ AT&T Stadium

Promise Keepers, a Christ-centered organization dedicated to helping men grow in their Christian faith, is gearing up for its 2021 men’s conference at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas from July 16 – 17.

Founded in 1990 by former University of Colorado football coach Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers (PK) is a movement that encourages men to be Christ-like leaders for their church and community.

The two-day event held at the home field of the Dallas Cowboys will feature a special panel of prominent speakers including Pastor AR Bernard; Jonathan Evans, chaplain for Dallas Cowboys; and Nick Vujicic, founder of Life Without Limbs; plus, many more.

Christian music artists Tauren Wells and Cody Carnes are also scheduled to perform at the July event.

“Promise Keepers is more than an organization; it is a movement in the hearts of men, turning them back to God in humility and repentance and toward each other in authentic relationships across generational, denominational, and racial divides,” said PK Chairman Ken Harrison. “Likewise, the stadium event is not just a program, but rather a platform for equipping men to function as ambassadors of reconciliation and service as a result of an authentic encounter with Jesus.”

For those who are unable to attend in person, the event will be simulcast around the globe.  It will be available via real-time audio translation with closed captions in multiple languages. The conference’s simulcast will be available to homes, small groups, churches, military bases, and colleges.

The event aims to bring a positive message that will inspire transformation and empower men so they can return home equipped to lead their families, communities, and country.

On another positive note for conference attendees, AT&T Stadium officials have lifted all COVID-19 seating restrictions for the event.

PK’s 2021 Men’s Conference is scheduled for Friday, July 16, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm and Saturday, July 17, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Click here to buy tickets: https://promisekeepers.brushfire.com/2021/454122

Click here to find a church simulcasting near you: www.promisekeepersevent.com/join

Men’s Marriage Virtual Summit

January 23, 2021By Nicole StarkPromise Keepers Event, Uncategorized

The Virtual Men’s Marriage Summit kicks off a 3-week challenge that will place you side by side virtually with other men as you build up your marriages in a concrete way. Any man, anywhere, at any time, can join the challenge through the Promise Keepers app.

Watch on Facebook

Watch on YouTube

After the virtual event, the challenge will be led on the Promise Keepers’ app and will include:

  • Daily scripture, activities and weekly challenges including leaderboards and gamification
  •  Additional resources from marriage experts – articles, videos, bonus materials and footage from the Marriage event
  • Community Group and Small groups discussion
  • 21 Day Prayer Guide (we will post one prayer each day, but you can also download the full 21-Day Prayer Guide as a PDF).

Step 1: Watch the event on Promise Keepers Facebook or YouTube

Step 2: Download the all-new Promise Keepers App

Step 3: Engage in the App Community and 3-week Challenge

Step 4: Invite friends to join!

7 Day Prayer Guide for UNITY

October 23, 2020By Nicole StarkUncategorized

One of the things we can do to build unity in the body of Christ is to pray together. Will you join me in praying these prayers for unity, knowing that kingdom disciples around our country are praying them as well? Words matter. Prayers have power. Let’s all stand together, speak up through collective prayer, and seek God’s hand of healing in our land.


Lord, help me to model unity just like Jesus did. Help me look beyond my own comfort zone and experience the strength of diversity. Make my voice one that encourages living in the power of unity. In Christ’s name I pray this.


Lord, make my heart righteous through an intentional pursuit of unity. Use my life as a testimony of unity to others and give me wisdom on how I can contribute to strengthening the community around me, including this nation. In Christ’s name I pray this.


Lord, my purpose is to glorify You and to make Your name known through the love I share with others in your name. Joy and peace come as we seek unity and live in a spirit of oneness. Let me walk in that oneness and experience its fruit. In Christ’s name I pray this.


Lord, I ask that You help all who are called by Your name to live without divisions among us. Help us to be rooted in Your Word and Your truth. Let falsehood and lies be obvious to all. Give us discernment to know Your truth. In Christ’s name I pray this.


Lord, I come to you in repentance for the disunity we have allowed among ourselves. I repent of our silence—the times we have not spoken up for unity when we were given the opportunity to do so. Forgive us for walking in division, hatred, spite, arrogance and animosity. In Christ’s name I pray this.


Lord, You have told us in Scripture that our unity lets others know we are Your followers. May this become manifest in my life and in the lives of my family members, fellow church members and believers all across our nation and around the world. In Christ’s name I pray.


Lord, may we in the body of Christ be more unified than ever before and lift up the shield of faith to defeat the destructive forces that seek to divide us. Christ’s name I pray.


This 7-Day Prayer Guide is provided by our partner ministry Dr. Tony Evans Urban Alternative

Message from Promise Keepers’ Chairman

March 17, 2020By Nicole StarkNews

We’re getting a lot of questions lately from people who bought tickets to the event on July 31 and August 1. We have people coming from 47 different states and several countries as far away as Zimbabwe and Norway. And I want to reassure you right now that we’re planning on being at AT&T July 31 and August 1.

We don’t know what’s going to come from all of this – the virus. We do know, though, that we don’t let our lives be ruled by fear. We know that all things work together for the good of those who love Jesus as we are called to His purpose in Romans 8:28. So I just want to encourage everyone – let’s stay in prayer, support each other and lift each other up, let’s wash our hands and listen to what people are telling us to do. And we will be praying for all of you guys.

Ken Harrison, Promise Keepers’ CEO and Chairman

Watch the video on Facebook

What Exactly is Humility?

January 9, 2020By Nicole StarkCulture, News, Rise of the Servant Kings, Values
This article appeared in the Christian Post.

Humility is clear eyesight. It is the ability to see things as they really are. A successful follower of Christ is humble. He places the needs of those in his care above his own. He doesn’t get his identity from what he has accomplished. He gets it from God.

Our flesh and our old nature see through a lens of self. We perceive things based on how they affect us. Pride distorts how we see the world. It causes our identity to be based on our accomplishments or lack thereof.

The thicker our lens of self — our pride — the less we see things as God sees them, which is how they really are. This is evident in the musings of a crazy person. As G. K. Chesterton described in Orthodoxy, a madman looks at himself as the center of all things. If he were to recognize that no one actually is focused on him, he would be infinitely happier because his world would suddenly become infinitely bigger. 

Pride shrinks the universe to a tiny world in which we are the god. As we die to self, we are able to see the world more clearly, as larger and more wonderful than we can comprehend. Pride is a miserable state because we don’t really inflate ourselves or our value. Instead, we shrink the universe to meet our limited imaginations.

Because we are fallen and therefore see things through our pride, we have difficulty judging ourselves properly. The more wicked people are, the higher their opinion of themselves tends to be. In order to properly judge ourselves, we must look at things from outside our own perspective. The way we react to things tells us where we are in our walk with Christ.

The insignificant things of daily life are the things that show us who we are. They show what spirit possesses us. It is our most unguarded moments that show us whether we walk in the Spirit or in the flesh. How do you react when you’re tired, hungry, cold, irritated, or stressed? Here we see what Jesus meant when He said, “Whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much, and whoever is unrighteous in very little is also unrighteous in much” (Luke 16:10).

People often mistake confidence for pride. Actually, the most confident people are usually the humblest, such as the great saints Abraham, David, Joseph, Paul, and Apollos. The Bible calls Moses, who led an entire nation out of slavery, the humblest man on earth (Numbers 12:3).

Let’s look at some aspects of a humble person. Search your heart. Do these characteristics look like you?

■ No longer compares himself with others.

■ Seeks no recognition for self.

■ Sees every person equally as a child of God and honors him or her as such.

■ Enjoys hearing others praised, even if he is forgotten.

■ Forgives.

■ Lives a life marked by patience.

■ Relationships are known for peace and unity.

■ Constantly encourages others.

We see humility as a virtue, but it is really the symptom of something else — the Holy Spirit reigning in a person as self has become less. The holiest is always the humblest.

Pride doesn’t always show up as arrogance. It can appear as self-loathing, shyness, obsession with guilt, or anger. This is because pride always comes from a focus on self.

I once confronted a Christian who was living in sin, and he yelled at me, “Don’t you think I feel bad about it?” I asked him what his feelings had to do with anything. Pride thinks that feeling guilty is some sort of penance. Guilt without repentance disregards those whom your sin has hurt. It is just a continued focus on self, simply flipping from arrogance to self-loathing. It’s all self.

Humility grows as our Lord is revealed to us. As we come to know the Savior and look up into His face, we become more aware of our own depravity. Not in a self-deprecating way, but with the gratitude of a child who realizes that he is completely dependent on God and that God loves him and has promised to never leave or forsake him (Deuteronomy 31:6; Hebrews 13:5).

Ken Harrison is CEO and chairman of Promise Keepers. Today, Promise Keepers is calling men back to bold servant leadership as change makers for their families, churches and communities. Harrison is also CEO of WaterStone, a Christian Community Foundation that oversees donations of millions of dollars a month to build God’s kingdom. After starting his career as an LAPD street cop in South Central, he spent nearly two decades in commercial real estate. Married and the father of three, Harrison has a new book, “The Rise of the Servant Kings: What the Bible Says About Being a Man.”