There wouldn’t be a Troy Aikman without Michael Irvin. There wouldn’t be a Frodo without Sam, and there wouldn’t be King David without Jonathan.

As men, it can be tough to ask for help from our brothers. But there’s no shame in it. Everyone needs a hand, especially in the hard times, and we’re called as Christians to carry one another through.

That’s what our new, upcoming online mental health summit – “Carried” – is all about. We’re coming together as brothers in Christ to carry one another’s burdens and provide real, no-nonsense support for mental health issues.

Carried is one of our biggest events this year and will kick off on October 25 at 7:00PM ET, followed by a 21-day challenge on the PK app.

You’ll hear about athletes like Jim Piersall and Terry Bradshaw, who suffered from mental health issues even as they competed at the highest physical levels. You’ll learn how common it is for men to struggle with trauma, depression, and anxiety – and what you can do to get on the road to renewal.

We’ve also invited top mental health experts who will answer some of the most common questions men have about these issues:

  • Why do I avoid discussing mental health?
  • Why can’t I just solve this myself?
  • How do I help a friend or family member struggling with mental health?
  • What are the dangers of not addressing mental stress in my life?

But this one-hour summit is just the beginning. After watching the presentation alongside thousands of brothers from around the world, you’ll join with those brothers on the PK app for a 21-day (3-week) challenge.

There, you’ll have access to additional resources for coping with struggles like anxiety and depression and getting help if you need it. On the app, you’ll also have the opportunity to personally connect with other Promise Keepers who are struggling with similar issues.

Even if you don’t struggle with these issues, Carried will help you understand those who do. We encourage all Promise Keepers to tune in to Carried to learn how you can be a true support for your brothers, your family, and your kids.

Mental health problems are more common among men than you think. You and your loved ones don’t have to struggle alone. Tune in, take the challenge, and see how it feels to have a wingman as you overcome some of life’s biggest obstacles. Make a plan today to watch from home, invite a group of guys, or plan an event with your church or community to watch Carried on October 25th!