Promise Keepers of the 1990’s changed the lives of millions of men, and those men continue to serve their families, churches, and communities with godliness and integrity.

But today, we face a new, more dangerous set of challenges.Radical gender ideology has warped our understanding of masculinity to the point where men can’t say with certainty what men are. Our nation is more divided than at almost any other point in our history, and the divorce rate is only slowing because fewer men are choosing the responsibility of marriage.We need a new generation of Promise Keeping men to rise above this darkness and point the way to the only true Light that can save our nation and heal our land.

Now is the time to lead the new generation. Now is the time to show our sons and nephews what God can do when the men of His church join together. Now is the time to build upon the successes of our past, and let God show us how He wants to redefine the future.We have good cause to hope.

 Keepers launched powerful events in 2022:

  • Promises E-Course

  • Free Man Challenge to encourage men to live lives of sexual integrity

  • Stand in the Gap 25th Anniversary Documentary to show the next generation what God did in Washington, D.C., in 1997 at the Stand in the Gap event

  • Carried: Real Support for Mental Health to encourage men to take care of their mental health


But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Promise Keepers are saying about our virtual events:

  • “Powerful! Timely topic, well presented. With the follow-up [to Carried], lives will be changed.” 

  • “So pleased to have Promise Keepers back. It couldn’t be more timely with all the divisiveness and hate going on in our culture today. Men need encouragement, support, and to be challenged to step up at home and in the marketplace.”

  • “My son in law and I were so inspired by the preaching. The HOLY SPIRIT was in the house. We can’t wait to get to work spreading the word to other men.”

  • “I am in my 60s. Through this Free Man program I am finally free from the bondage of porn that I have struggled with since I was 9 years old.”


This would not be possible without generous support from partners like you, and with your support we can scale larger and reach more men with these powerful programs.