Some people simply refuse to believe in God if his existence can’t be proven by scientific, intellectual means. But God offers mankind a message that goes beyond the grasp of rational human intellect. While believers throughout the centuries have testified that faith in Jesus is reasonable, Paul reflects the fact that to most people, the message of salvation seems utterly foolish. Why? Because its only requirement is faith. Men don’t like that. Most men feel like they want or need to do something to earn God’s favor. ⁠
But for a believer, the gospel isn’t foolish. On the contrary, it demonstrates both the wisdom and power of God. It shows God’s wisdom by providing the only possible basis for forgiveness – a sinless sacrifice. It shows God’s power because Jesus secured something through his death and resurrection that man was unable to produce: namely, our salvation.⁠
One thing is clear, the gospel message came from God. Men would never have dreamed up something so amazing and wonderful—and so completely free.⁠

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