“…for he said, ‘The Lord watch between you and me, when we are out of one another’s sight.'” – Genesis 31:49

The relationship between Jacob and Laban is tragic—and all too familiar. This verse essentially says, ‘I can’t watch you all the time, so may God watch you when I can’t.” While many people mistakenly read this statement as a blessing, it is actually filled with skepticism and veiled accusation.

How sad that men’s behavior breeds antagonism and mistrust. So many things drive us apart that we have to work overtime to build bridges. Although the suspicion and antagonism between these men had more than enough basis in behavior, the end result was still tragic. How much more tragic are the divisions between us that are based on tradition, race and other things. Only the power of God at work in men who love him can overcome the barriers that separate us. Do something today that actively builds a bridge to someone to whom you may not otherwise relate.

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