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Men often struggle with mental health issues on their own because they’re afraid of looking weak. Even when they’re dealing with serious depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, they often don’t tell anyone because they’re afraid of how they’ll be perceived by their friends, spouses, and colleagues.

But true strength isn’t always about gritting your teeth. Sometimes, true strength – the kind that demonstrates love and self-sacrifice – is asking for help.

That’s what “Carried: Real Support for Mental Health” is all about. We’ve gathered some of the nation’s top pastors and mental health experts for a one-hour summit on October 25th at 8PM ET. You’ll be given information about the most common mental health struggles men face: not just serious issues like depression but also everyday stresses and anxieties. You’ll hear real stories from real guys, and you’ll see that you’re not alone and there’s no shame in asking for help. We’re here to carry each other.

That one-hour online event will be followed by a 21-day challenge to get in community with other men as we dig into practical resources and discussion. You’ll be given tools that truly help and, more importantly, you’ll have access to the global community of Promise Keeping men. You’ll be able to connect with other men who also struggle with their mental health, and together, you’ll walk the road to renewal.

Your family and community are counting on you to be strong enough to ask for help. Carried is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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