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Promise Keepers Board Member: Alveda King

Ken Harrison, chairman and president of Promise Keepers, announced the appointment of Alveda King, niece of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, to the Promise Keepers board of directors. Promise Keepers, founded in 1990 by former University of Colorado football coach Bill McCartney, is ...

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Promise Keepers Board Member: Todd Wagner

His Claim to Fame:Being Tammy's Husband and Dad to Chase and Brenna  No one has the resumè that Chad Hennings has.  He’s a simple Iowa farm kid who had the opportunity to attend the U.S. Airforce Academy, fly 45 combat missions over Iraq, won three Super Bowl rings as a defensive lin...

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Wow! This is really going to happen!

Just recently I held an amazing document in my hand. It was a document of promise and hope – and I had one of those, “Wow! This is really going to happen” moments.  You see, I was holding the finalized version of Promise Keepers contract with a major NFL stadium for the PK 2020 event. There wa...

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Tips to bless the people you love this Christmas season

I love my phone. It goes everywhere with me. But sometimes my wife tells me I spend a little too much time with this amazing device and not enough time with the people who matter most.  So here’s what I’m planning to do this Christmas season to get my head out of my phone. Maybe these tips...

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We're reigniting a revival

If you’re the type who likes to give at year-end for tax purposes, I want you to know about a Matching Gift pool we’re building that will double your contribution to Promise Keepers by December 31. It’s a great deal if you can take advantage of it. Thank you. Exciting Days Ahead! Recently ...

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Coach Bill McCartney passes the spiritual mantle of Promise Keepers to Chairman Ken Harrison

After 28 years, founder and first president Coach Bill McCartney passes the spiritual mantle of Promise Keepers to Chairman Ken Harrison. Promise Keepers renews the mission and spiritual heritage to raise up the next generation of men to be Kingdom Servant leaders!

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What happened to Promise Keepers?

Many people have been asking, “What happened to Promise Keepers?” Since Coach McCartney started the revolutionary Christian men’s group in 1990, the need for God’s truth to men has never been greater. There is deep confusion in our world about how men are supposed to act, what we are to teach our ch...

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