“Always remember, your greatest blessing will only be found on

 the other side of your greatest fear — that is why God brings us to these battles.” – Jason Benham

COLORADO SPRINGS COLORADO SPRINGS — Ken Harrison, CEO of WaterStone and volunteer chairman of Promise Keepers, explores issues of religious persecution, a reality series backfire, and how to find success on God’s terms on the latest podcast of “On the Edge with Ken Harrison.”

The podcast, available in both audio and video form, can be found on Apple, YouTube and all top podcast platforms. Podcast listeners can also receive a challenging weekly devotional that will inspire them to put their faith into action.

Twin brothers, David and Jason Benham, are former professional baseball players, nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs, and best selling authors. Their accomplishments have been recognized by dozens of publications, including Inc. Magazine, Wall St. Journal, Business Leader Media, Franchise 500, and more. Their rise to success earned them a reality show with HGTV that was set to air in the fall of 2014 — yet the show was abruptly canceled because of their commitment to Biblical values. Appearing on CNN, Fox News, ESPN, ABC’s Nightline, and Good Morning America, the Benhams continue to stand up for what they believe and encourage others to do the same.

Highlights of David’s and Jason’s interview in the podcast include:

      • God calls us to make our theology our biography.
        “Our dad would always say, if your theology is not your biography, then your theology is worthless. In other words, you can talk and pray all things God, but if it doesn’t translate into the way that you live, act, and conduct yourself, whether it’s in the marketplace, behind a pulpit or wherever you are, then your theology is worthless.”
      • God challenged the Benham Brothers on a world stage to choose if they would deny Him in favor of platform, viewers, money, and recognition.
        “We didn’t know that God was going to put us through divine sabotage and put us in a position to stand boldly for the whole world to watch. David and I would walk into places and people would clap, stating ‘You are so heroic.’
        “Little did they know, what they really needed to see is where we stood right before that. God put us on our knees and we had to repent of a man-pleasing spirit. We were operating out of a fear of man rather than a fear of God and because of that, we had a false peace. “The secret to courage is first recognizing your inner coward, so then you can allow the Holy Spirit to unleash your inner lion.”
      • Boldness apart from brokenness makes us bullies.
        “God has called you specifically to be a bridge between heaven and earth. God doesn’t want us to just pray, ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ — He wants us to participate. Jesus was the ultimate bridge, but now we participate in bridging that gap. As Ezekiel 22 says ‘God is looking for a man and a woman who will stand in that gap and become that bridge,’ but there are ditches on both sides because as we learned through our story: boldness apart from brokenness makes a bully.”“Boldness apart from brokenness makes you a bully. Brokenness, apart from boldness, makes you a bystander. But, what God wants is for you to stand boldly on a foundation of brokenness so that you can become a bridge.”
      • God defines success as faithfulness “It doesn’t matter if you are working for a man who owns a landscape company, the cook at Waffle House or a CEO — it doesn’t matter where you are. What God is calling for is faithfulness: for you to make your work your worship. And when you’re faithful, God promises that he is going to bless that abundantly and you’ll do things like give more in value than you take in pay wherever you are.”

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  • KEN HARRISON is the host of “On the Edge with Ken Harrison,” a podcast building godly people for a better tomorrow. The podcast, available in both audio and video form, can be found on YouTube and your favorite podcast platform, including Apple and Spotify. The podcast also offers listeners the opportunity to receive a challenging weekly devotional that will inspire them to put their faith into action.Harrison serves as CEO of WaterStone, a Christian Community Foundation whose clients donate over $1 million per week on average to build God’s Kingdom. For nearly 40 years, Waterstone has assisted givers in supporting their favorite charities by crafting customized, innovative giving solutions that empower donors to prioritize income, minimize taxes and optimize giving.Ken started his career as an LAPD street cop in South Central and then spent nearly two decades in commercial real estate nationally and internationally. After successfully building and growing his company, he sold the majority interest to the second-largest commercial real estate company in the world while continuing as CEO of U.S. valuation and chair of international valuation.

    Ken volunteers his time as the chairman of Promise Keepers. His mission is to provide executive leadership and strategic direction to the ministry while inspiring men to be bold, humble and ambitious about their faith.

    Ken has been married to his wife, Elliette, for 29 years and they have three children.

    Harrison’s newest book, The Rise of the Servant Kings: What the Bible Says About Being a Man, is available wherever books are sold.