More powerful than ever . . . More necessary than ever.

Men, we have heard you … we’re bringing back the signature Promise Keepers experience … and so much more. Tickets are on sale now!

There’s nothing like the experience of tens of thousands of men locking arms, as one, shouting and singing praises to God in a gigantic NFL stadium.

On July 31-August 1, 2020, a projected 80,000+ men will join together to raise the roof at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys!

We will also simulcast the event to a projected 5 million men, spreading the impact far across our nation and the world. Mark your calendar now.

Why Promise Keepers’ next national conference in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area is so important:

Can you imagine what would happen if the men of America stepped forward and truly lived out their responsibilities before God?

Can you imagine the sea change we would witness across our nation?

For too long, society has pushed men to be passive and feminized. We’re told we’re “toxic.” Men are taught to sit by and do nothing while our families crumble around us. But the Bible has something else to say. “Act like men,”the Apostle Paul said, “be strong”(1 Corinthians 16:13 NASB).

That’s why our next event will feature speakers who will preach from the Word of God and inspire men to take up their responsibilities as servant kings. Our worship will shake the stadium’s foundations. And we’re planning for our impact to continue long after the event as teams of men rise up to change their communities for Christ.

We will have one massive experience annually in a major NFL stadium. Each experience will ignite a local movement of change in men’s lives which will, in turn, transform their families and communities.

We will become completely immersed in the host city, its local churches, and local ministries months before and for many years after the NFL stadium experience. Promise Keepers will be “givers” to the city, being Christ’s agents of compassion, actively spreading the Gospel through our words and actions.

A national social movement of changemaking will work hand-in-hand with our annual NFL stadium experiences. We’re inviting all men to join local, small-group teams for accountability, for training, and to take action as Christ’s hands and feet in their communities. These changemaking teams will equip and mobilize men to impact their families, churches, and communities.

Register online today. Discounts for ALL military, first responders, groups, and families are available.

Speakers and musicians will be announced in fall 2019.

Ken Harrison, CEO and Chairman of Promise Keepers, revealed what was new and different about the new era of Promise Keepers:

“It’s the difference between analog and digital. Today, our goal is to get men digitally integrated — something that simply wasn't possible before. Assembling men in the 1990s by the tens and hundreds of thousands had never been done before — but what about after? What about when men leave the stadium and go home? Many things were tried, but it just wasn't possible to effectively network, encourage and strengthen men at home.”

“Today, we can not only do stadium events, digital integration allows us to provide the full spectrum of men’s ministry: a catalytic event that sparks fellowship, discipleship, and the formation and nurturing of change making teams of men in communities everywhere, working together to impact the core of our culture.”

“In this swirling time of confusion, Promise Keepers is raising high the standard of biblical masculinity without apology and rallying men everywhere to join them.”

“One of the most powerful benefits of Promise Keepers is the ability for sons, fathers, and grandfathers to experience the event together. While Baby Boomers remember this with fondness, today’s millennials, who are coming into their own as husbands, fathers and in their careers, long to have the same experience with their own fathers. That’s why tickets for the AT&T Stadium event will reflect a significant discount for intergenerational groups.”

“Instead of having multiple regional events, the new era of Promise Keepers will feature one massive event for the entire country each year that will be simulcast to locations around the world. And because men will be drawn from the entire country, the event will now consist of a session Friday night and Saturday, a concert Saturday night, and an optional day of service Sunday.”

Ken Harrison shares some exciting news about what's in the near future for Promise Keepers on FamilyTalk.


  • Early Bird Registration: $90 (if purchased by Aug 31)
  • Early Bird Military, Veterans, First Responders (unlimited): $60
  • Family (2-19 tickets): $80
  • Groups (20+ tickets): $75
  • Simulcast Price TBD

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JULY 31 – AUG. 1, 2020


AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys.