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Women have always been among Promise Keepers’ biggest supporters. Now, Esther Calling, a new women’s leadership initiative, is launching to support the mission of Promise Keepers and the men who embrace it.

The overall vision of Esther Calling is to gather women leaders whose hearts’ desire is to see men restored, healed, and transformed by the love of Jesus through the efforts of Promise Keepers and to unite as a positive voice of encouragement to lift and empower the men of this nation who embrace the Promise Keepers’ mission.

Michelle Borquez Robinson

The initiative will be spearheaded by faith leader Michelle Borquez Robinson, who will serve as the national Executive Director of Esther Calling. “My heart is for the men and women of this nation to see PK’s

Esther Calling as an example of what can happen when great women join together as one voice to lift men in their calling,” Michelle says. “We want to send a clear message to the world that men in this country should stand up for Christian values and the women who love them stand with them in unity.”

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