Become a Pointman

Be the liaison between your church and Promise Keepers.

Better men, in better churches, in better cities, make up a better nation. Promise Keepers aims to equip, connect, and activate better nations uniting the body of Christ globally.

A Pointman serves a critical role in supporting his church and pastor with Promise Keepers updates, programs, and events. Become a liaison between your Church and Promise Keepers.

The Pointman functions as a liaison from his church to Promise Keepers. He may be an associate pastor or a lay leader appointed by his pastor. There may be more than one Pointman within a church; in fact, we encourage the pastor to choose more than one Pointman to represent his church, especially if his church has multiple campuses. Each Pointman functions as a team to provide leadership for ministry to men and serve as a resource and communication link to Promise Keepers.

A Pointman is a church representative who:

  1. Serves as a representative of his church to Promise Keepers
  2. Communicates and informs his pastor of Promise Keepers and partner ministry activities and opportunities for the church and men.
  3. Leads or is a key member of men’s ministry within the church.
  4. A Pointman is appointed by his pastor.

There is no charge to apply to become a Pointman.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].