God created you for significance.

You weren’t made to sit idly by. You’re not here to waste your life. You have battles to win. A role to fill. You live in a world that desperately needs your strength and passion.

Together, We Can Make Change
Communities all across our nation are struggling with issues like hunger, homelessness, and sex trafficking. Our neighborhoods are blighted by fatherlessness, addiction, and despair.

The answer? Men need to take a stand for justice, mercy, and love. They need to take action.

With God’s help, we want to raise up a massive army of men – a social movement – who will tackle our nation’s toughest problems and not rest until they’re solved.

And we need you.

Take Your Place as a Man of God
Today you can take an active step towards being the man God called you to be.

Join the Promise Keepers Social Movement - dedicated to loving our families, strengthening our churches, and healing our communities.


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  • National Promise Keepers experiences and events in NFL stadiums that will be catalysts for change in their host cities.
  • Key ways and urgent actions for you to join our social movement committed to transforming families and neighborhoods … and changing our nation . . . to bring revival by 2025. Our strength lies in collective action. Whether you have five minutes to spare daily or want to get deeply involved, Promise Keepers has a way for you to put your faith into action to make a difference.
  • Opportunities and tools to lead or participate in a small-group, Changemaking Team in your community to be the hands and feet of Christ to those around you. These Changemaking Teams will join a growing network of thousands of teams who are building our grassroots movement in their local communities.
  • Resources to help you grow and flourish in your faith as a disciple of Christ.

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