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Promise Keepers Classics

PK Classics, Episode 1

We’ve partnered up with the NRB Christian Media Convention to produce a weekly video series where we revisit past Promise Keepers events and their most memorable messages.

PK Classics, Episode 4

This PK Classic recording centers on Chuck Swindoll’s 1994 message, “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit,” given in Boulder, Colorado.

PK Classics, Episode 7

Dan Seaborn challenged men to love, while his wife Jane hilariously helped demonstrated the differences between men and women.

PK Classics, Episode 2

If God were to ask your divine purpose for being here—what would you say? In this PK Classic, Dr. Tony Evan teaches on the meaning of David being a man after God’s own heart.

PK Classics, Episode 5

Greg Stier shares a message about his family, known by the Denver mafia as the Crazy Brothers, whose hearts were softened to Jesus Christ.

PK Classics, Episode 8

Mike Silva reminded us how radically Christ loves us in spite of our past mistakes. This episode includes Pastor Art Remington, National Ambassador-At-Large.

PK Classics, Episode 3

Dr. Edwin Louis Cole preached to PK about manhood, focusing on Adam’s abdication of responsibility in the Garden of Eden—and the good news of the Second Adam.

PK Classics, Episode 6

Miles McPherson exhorted thousands of men to awaken the warrior within at a PK event in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Promise Keepers Partner Videos

Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk. (5/7/19)


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