“Our nation is falling apart, our families are falling apart, our churches have become weak,” Pastor Tony Evans said. “Why? Because men have become missing in action. They’ve come to the soft definition of Christianity…rather than this radical commitment to Jesus Christ and their Christian faith.

From July 31 to August 1st, Promise Keepers 2020 Virtual Event launched via livestream. Churches participated across the world, streaming PK 2020 to socially-distanced gatherings of men.

Over 750,000 men have watched the livestream so far—but the event isn’t over yet.

Men who viewed the livestream are stepping out and taking action. Rebroadcasts of the Promise Keepers 2020 Virtual Event are being scheduled at churches across the country as more spread the word. Men are also now signing up for the Promise Keepers app, which a connection hub to Bible study resources, sermons, and connection with other PK men.

“I challenge you to not be satisfied to be a male,” Dr. Evans said in his keynote session. “It’s time for us to become Kingdom men rising.”

Next Steps: