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    Evangelism Captain

Purpose: Recruit the Evangelism Team to facilitate the altar call at the conference. Additional one-on-one prayer (pre or post altar call) with attendees will be handled at the Prayer Booth area. Implement the “Follow-Up Touch” campaign for new believers. Ensure every church within your sphere of influence actively partner in sending men to the conference.

Reports to: Prayer and Evangelism Group Leader

Works closely with: PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager, Evangelism Team, Usher Captain

Special Qualifications/Preferred Profile:

  • Pastor or Ministry Leader
  • Servant’s heart
  • Willing to be involved in prayer ministry crossing ethnic and denominational lines
  • Ability and willingness to come under the authority of the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager
  • Excellent communicator, leadership ability, taking initiative to make decisions
  • Ability to motivate the team to complete tasks and carry out the details
  • Excellent physical shape: able to do lots of walking; tireless and joyful

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Connect with the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager to plan and discuss overall Evangelism plan – this includes the Altar Call and the Prayer Booth area
  • Ensure the conference is “SOLD OUT”
  • Assist the Prayer & Evangelism Group Leader to ensure recruitment of all volunteer positions with adequate diversity.
  • Attend scheduled conference leadership planning/prayer meetings to ensure:
    • Volunteer conference job descriptions are handed out
    • Understanding of the Conference Team Roster overview
    • All volunteer paperwork is completed
    • Volunteer positions are filled in accordance with Volunteer Position & Shift Schedule
  • Understand recruiting methods, resources, and strategies
  • If Evangelism Team is not fully recruited in advance of the conference, then recruit volunteers from the conference attendees as the doors open
  • Instruct volunteers recruited before conference week to report to the Evangelism Check-In Table
  • Review and familiarize yourself with the Evangelism instructions
  • Get into shape physically so you can move quickly and be able to lift and move items
  • Instruct the team members to look for the Evangelism signs
  • Work with the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager to determine the location of the Evangelism Team Check-In Table during the designated setup time
  • Discuss with the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager: Prayer Booth area/operation, assignments, shifts, & other responsibilities
  • Pray for the conference speakers, musicians and others sharing the platform, conference logistics, staff travel team, volunteers, registrations, and for local pastors
  • Discuss with the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager: Follow-up Touch Campaign (with new believers) & logistics

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Meet the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager at the Volunteer Check-In area at the start of Friday’s shift to discuss the weekend schedule, instructions and plans for the conference
  • Ensure the various Evangelism supplies that are shipped to the venue are available by setup time
  • Set up all the logistics of the altar call plan including the Training Area and Check-In Table
  • During this setup time, the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager and Evangelism Captain will finalize the strategy for the altar call and provide an overview with details of the altar call plan and the Evangelism Team’s role
  • Organize an Evangelism “Training” to ensure everything is accomplished in a timely manner
  • Recruiting and training should be completed no later than 6 pm on Friday evening in order to be ready for the altar call.
  • Check with the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager for the exact time of the altar call
  • During the altar call direct the team in crowd control
  • Immediately after the altar call help with the distribution of materials followed by the counting and sorting of the decision cards.
  • Be familiar with the gate opening time and program times. Check the PK promotional literature and/or the PK website (www.promisekeepers.org)
  • Ask the Intercessory Prayer Room Captain and Intercessory Prayer Team to pray over the Evangelism Team before they report to their assignment
  • Fill out the Conference Evaluation and Summary Forms and submit them to PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager

Time Commitment/Shift(s):