Evangelism Supervisor

Purpose: Work as a team with the Evangelism Captain and the other Evangelism Supervisor to facilitate the altar call. Work with the Evangelism Team in the setup for the conference and recruit Evangelism Volunteers the first day of the conference. During the altar call you will supervise an area and be assigned to a specific task. You will not be praying with those who come forward to receive Christ.

Reports to: Evangelism Captain
Works closely with: PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager, Evangelism Captain, Evangelism Supervisor, Evangelism Team

Special Qualifications/Preferred Profile:

  • Servant’s heart
  • Able to make decisions, complete tasks and motivate the Evangelism Team
  • Willingness to follow orders and carry out details
  • Organized, able to quickly think on your feet

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Get acquainted with the Evangelism Captain and the other Evangelism Supervisor to build a team spirit
  • Assist the Evangelism Captain in the recruitment of Evangelism Team for the conference
  • Instruct Evangelism Team to report in accordance with the shift schedule to the Evangelism Check-In Table. The Evangelism Team will be directed from there to receive a 20-minute team orientation

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Report to Volunteer Check-In to receive volunteer T-Shirt
  • On Friday or set-up day, you will work with the other Evangelism Supervisor to set-up the Evangelism Training Area, Evangelism Check-In Table, Prayer Booth and/or other needs pre-conference under the leadership and discretion of the Evangelism Captain
  • Carry out assignments as requested by the Evangelism Captain
  • During the altar call you will help control the flow of those coming to the altar. You will not be praying with men coming forward. Your task is to supervise
  • You will be assigned to specific areas and assignments to help the greater effort
  • Immediately following the altar call you will help sort and count the decision cards
  • Once the conference is finished the Evangelism Team will help teardown equipment and deliver crates/containers to the loading dock

Time Commitment/Shift(s):