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    Intercessory Prayer Room Captain

Purpose: To provide assistance in the Intercessory Prayer Room by serving and assisting the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager, Prayer Room Worship Leader, and those leading the prayer shifts during the conference. Ensure every church within your sphere of influence actively partner in sending men to the conference.

Reports to: Prayer & Evangelism Group Leader

Works closely with: PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager, Intercessory Prayer Warriors

Special Qualifications/Preferred Profile:

  • In good standing at a Christian church, with a servant’s heart for leadership
  • Willing to be involved in prayer ministry crossing ethnic and denominational lines
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Willing to submit to the leadership of the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Recruit the Intercessory Prayer Room Team including the Intercessory Prayer Warriors and Prayer Room Worship Leader
  • Ensure recruitment of all volunteer positions with adequate diversity. Attend leadership meetings to ensure:
    • Volunteer conference job descriptions are handed out
    • Understanding of the Conference Team Roster overview
    • All volunteer paperwork is completed
    • All volunteer positions are filled in accordance with the volunteer position and shift schedule
    • Understand recruiting methods, resources, and strategies
  • Assist the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager in prayer for the speakers, attendees, their families, and all conference needs
  • Participate in prayer assignments (i.e.) prayer walking prior to the Conference
  • Join the Intercessory Prayer Room Team in praying over the venue seats before 5 pm on Friday, prayer walking and in the Intercessory Prayer Room

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Act as “gate-keeper” stationed at the registration table or by the door at the beginning of each shift, checking in the team. For those who have not pre-registered for a shift, discern whether or not they should participate in the Prayer Room. If not, consult with the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager and if need be, direct him/her back to the Volunteer Check-in to serve in another capacity
  • Hand out the Intercessory Prayer Room Instructions and protocol to volunteers to review. Ask them if they agree with the instructions
  • Take the position of observer and assistant in the Intercessory Prayer Room
  • Be sensitive to everyone involved
  • Seek to unify intercessors to pray across denominational and ethnic lines
  • Utilize spiritual mapping and assist the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager in guiding the focus of the team
  • Use the minute-by-minute grid provided by PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager
  • Assist in leading and facilitating prayer throughout the day
  • Fill out the Conference Debriefing and Evaluation Forms before the Conference is over
  • Assist PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager in taking down posters and storing all materials in the Prayer & Evangelism crate/container at conference end

Time Commitment/Shift(s):