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    Prayer Booth Captain

Purpose: To recruit the Prayer Booth volunteers to facilitate one-on-one prayer with the men attending, and to ensure every church within your sphere of influence is actively partnering in sending men to the conference.

Reports to: Prayer and Evangelism Group Leader

Works closely with: PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager, Prayer Booth Volunteers

Special Qualifications/Preferred Profile:

  • Pastor or Ministry Leader
  • Willing to be involved in prayer ministry crossing ethnic and denominational lines
  • Believes in and is committed to the Promise Keepers Seven Promises
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Willing to submit to the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager
  • Ability to keep information shared in the Prayer Booth confidential

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Meet with the Prayer & Evangelism Group Leader and PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager to plan and discuss overall Prayer Booth plan
  • Help recruit Prayer Booth Team volunteers, including Pastors
  • Ensure the prayer booth is staffed with men only
  • Prayer Booth volunteers are not required to purchase a registration to the conference
  • Instruct volunteers you recruit to complete the PK Volunteer Sign-Up form as found on the PK web page http://www.promisekeepers.org/volunteer. In the comments section they need to mention the “Prayer Booth Captain” has recruited them
  • Discuss with the Prayer Booth Team the operations, assignments, shifts, volunteer check-in and reporting instructions, and other specific responsibilities
  • Pray for the conference speakers, musicians and others sharing the platform, conference logistics, staff travel team, volunteers, registrations, and for local pastors
  • This is a good time to minister to the Prayer Booth Team and their needs

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the Prayer Booth set-up including sizing, location, seating, access, and table location
  • The PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager will request 12 chairs & 1 table for the Prayer Booth from the setup team
  • Meet with the Prayer & Evangelism Group Leader and PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager to discuss the weekend schedule and instructions
  • Ensure the Prayer Booth Team volunteers have checked in
  • Join the Intercessory Prayer Team in the Intercessory Prayer Room, time permitting, until your team arrives
  • Ask the Intercessory Prayer Team to pray over the Prayer Booth volunteers before they report to their assigned shift in the Prayer Booth
  • With direction from the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager—supervise the Prayer Booth
  • Give each team member a copy of their respective job description to review
  • When there is not much traffic in the Prayer Booth during the conference, send a few of the team members at a time to the Intercessory Prayer Room for prayer
  • Check the PK promotional literature and/or the PK website (www.promisekeepers.org) to obtain the door opening time and program times
  • Pray with the attending men one-on-one
  • Be prepared for an overflow of attendees coming to the Prayer Booth after the altar call
  • You are responsible for tearing down the booth after the conference and storing all the banners and materials in the Prayer & Evangelism Team shipping crate/container, utilizing the team to help and coordinating this with the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager
  • Fill out the Conference Evaluation and Summary Forms
  • The PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager, Prayer & Evangelism Group Leader, Prayer Booth Captain, Evangelism Captain, and Intercessory Prayer Room Captain will meet in the Intercessory Prayer Room to debrief at the conclusion of the Conference at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday
  • Submit the completed Conference Evaluation Forms to the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager

Time Commitment/Shift(s):