Prayer Booth Supervisor

Purpose: To assist the Prayer Booth Captain in overseeing the Prayer Booth area and team members to facilitate one-on-one prayer with the men attending the event. Work with the Prayer Booth team in the setup for the conference and help recruit Prayer Booth Team volunteers for the entirety of the conference. At the conclusion of the altar call on Friday night, you will be responsible for supervising the flow of men coming in and out of the prayer booth and helping collect confidential prayer.

Reports to: Prayer Booth Captain

Works closely with: PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager, Prayer & Evangelism Group Leader

Special Qualifications/Preferred Profile:

  • Pastor or ministry leader
  • Willing to be involved in prayer ministry crossing ethnic and denominational lines
  • Believes in and is committed to the Promise Keepers Seven Promises
  • Ability to keep information shared in Prayer Booth confidential

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Meet with Prayer Booth Captain and the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager to plan and discuss overall prayer plan
  • Help recruit the Prayer Booth Team volunteers, including Pastors
  • Ensure the prayer booth is staffed with men only
  • Prayer Booth volunteers are not required to purchase a registration to the conference
  • Instruct volunteers you recruit to complete the PK Volunteer Sign Up form as found on the PK web page In the comments section they need to mention “Prayer Booth Captain” has recruited them.
  • Discuss with the Prayer Booth Team, the operations, assignments, shifts, credentials, check-in and reporting instructions, and other specific responsibilities
  • Pray for the conference speakers, musicians and others sharing the platform, conference logistics, staff travel team, volunteers, attendees, and for local Pastors/believers
  • This is a good time to minister to the Prayer Booth Team and their needs

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Prayer Booth Captain in overseeing the Prayer Booth set-up including sizing, location, seating, access, and table location
  • The PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager will request 12 chairs & 1 table for the Prayer Booth from the setup team
  • Meet with the Prayer Booth Captain and Prayer & Evangelism Group Leader to discuss the weekend schedule and instructions
  • Ensure the Prayer Booth Team volunteers have checked in
  • Join the Intercessory Prayer Team in the Intercessory Prayer Room, time permitting, until your team arrives
  • Ask the Intercessory Prayer Team to pray over the Prayer Booth volunteers before they report to their assigned shift in the Prayer Booth
  • With direction from the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager and Prayer Booth Captain—supervise the Prayer Booth
  • Give each team member a copy of their respective job description to review
  • When there is not much traffic in the Prayer Booth during the Conference, send a few of the team members at a time to the Intercessory Prayer Room for prayer
  • Check the PK promotional literature and/or the PK website ( to obtain the gate opening time and program times
  • Pray with the attending men one-on-one
  • Be prepared for an overflow of attendees coming to the Prayer Booth after the altar call
  • You are responsible for tearing down the booth after the conference and storing all the banners and materials in the Prayer & Evangelism Team shipping crate/container, utilizing the team to help and coordinating this with the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager
  • Fill out the Conference Evaluation and Summary Forms
  • The PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager, Prayer & Evangelism Group Leader, Prayer Booth Captain, Evangelism Captain, and Intercessory Prayer Room Captain will meet in the Intercessory Prayer Room to debrief at the conclusion of the Conference at 4:30 pm on Saturday
  • Submit the completed Conference Evaluation Forms to the PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager

Time Commitment/Shift(s):