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    Prayer & Evangelism Group Leader

Purpose: Manage and direct volunteer Prayer & Evangelism teams to ensure adequate diversity, recruitment of all volunteer positions, and effective deployment for the Prayer & Evangelism Group. Encourage and motivate the Prayer & Evangelism Group to fulfill their goals and strategies. Ensure every church within your sphere of influence actively partner in sending men to the conference.

Reports to: PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager

Works closely with: Conference Volunteer Leadership Team, PK Prayer & Evangelism Manger, and Prayer & Evangelism Group Captains (Intercessory Prayer Room Captain, Evangelism Captain, and Prayer Booth Captain).

Special Qualifications/Preferred Profile: Possesses a strong ability to recruit local prayer and evangelism leaders. Maintain communication with team leaders and consistently attends pre-conference leadership meetings.

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Plan and implement strategies for discipleship follow-up
  • Stay in regular contact with your PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager to ensure understanding of Promise Keepers (PK) conference: core values, policies & procedure, and standard operating procedures.
  • Recruit the Captain for each Prayer & Evangelism Team (Intercessory Prayer, Evangelism, Prayer Booth)
  • Meet regularly with Conference Volunteer Leadership Team to ensure:
    • Implementation of Conference Goals
    • Understanding of discipleship follow-up goals
  • Meet regularly with the Intercessory Prayer & Evangelism Captains to ensure:
    • All volunteer positions are filled
    • All volunteer diversity goals are met
    • All volunteer Job Descriptions are handed out
    • All volunteer paperwork is completed
    • All volunteers are familiar with PK Conference: core values, policies & procedure, and standard operating procedures
    • All volunteers are trained
    • Volunteer Confirmation letters are sent

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Communicate regularly with the Intercessory Prayer, Prayer Booth, and Evangelism Teams
  • Ensure coordination with the Intercessory Prayer & Evangelism Teams and PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager
  • Work to empower and resolve problems at the lowest level
  • Encourage and motivate all volunteers.
  • Look for potential problem areas and address them before they become problems
  • Work closely with the Conference Volunteer Coordinator regarding daily logistical activities.
  • Confirm and coordinate volunteer assignments and shift schedule
  • Confirm and coordinate venue logistics
  • Assist in setting up the Intercessory Prayer Room and Prayer Booth areas

Post Conference Responsibilities:

  • Clean up and help tear down all Intercessory Prayer, Evangelism Team, and Prayer Booth areas
  • Return all Radios
  • Submit all documentation to PK Prayer & Evangelism Manager
  • Connect with the Evangelism Captain to ensure a successful follow-up touch campaign

Time Commitment/Shift(s):