Speaker Dispatcher

Purpose: To perform dispatch operations and provide communication to drivers and Speaker Hospitality Team for transport of speakers and platform personnel to and from airport, venue, hotel before, during, and after the conference. Ensure that all movement of speakers has been executed in a timely and professional manner.

Reports to: Speaker Hospitality Captain

Works closely with: Speaker Hospitality Captain; PK Speaker Hospitality/Program Services Manager; Speakers; Speaker Hospitality Runners/Drivers; Guest Band Runner/Driver; Conference Services Group

Special Qualifications/Preferred Profile

  • Must be able to multitask
  • Must be a team player
  • Able to be proactive, track, and manage dispatch operations
  • Teachable, serves with a humble servant heart and attitude
  • Able to communicate and respond professionally to speakers requests

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Available for training meeting with PK Speaker Hospitality/Program Services Manager and Speaker Hospitality Captain
  • Set up dispatch area and prepares system for tracking all speaker transportation activity
  • Prepare system to check flights prior to arrival and departure
  • Prepare dispatch plan for speaker arrivals, and communicates with Runners/Drivers regarding vans, fueling, parking, keys etc. and the execution thereof
  • Participate in all on site pre-conference meetings and venue walk through
  • Provide detailed instruction for drivers
  • Is pro-active in anticipating movement of speakers and program team and communicates regularly with the transportation plan with the Speaker Hospitality Team

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Be continuously aware of speakers’ locations
  • Dispatch drivers and vans for airport runs as well as to and from hotel/venue
  • Provide transportation as needed
  • Be aware of minute-by-minute speaker speak times, speakers’ presence in hospitality room
  • Prepare departure strategy prior to the close of the program
  • Give instructions concerning van refueling, van return, keys/drivers, etc.

Post Conference Responsibilities:

  • Assist with tear down and pack up
  • Communicate with Conference Director concerning van refueling, van return, keys/drivers, Saturday and Sunday staff departures
  • Ensure that all departures are covered and executed properly
  • Provide conference debrief

Time Commitment/Shift(s):