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    Speaker Hospitality Group Leader (Speaker Hospitality Captain)

Purpose: To recruit and train volunteer team members and provide leadership on site to execute and carry out Speaker Hospitality/Program Services logistical assignments that serve PK platform participants before, during, and after the conference. Ensure that all travel and logistical operations have been executed in a timely and professional manner.

Reports to: PK Speaker Hospitality/Program Services Manager

Works closely with:Conference Volunteer Coordinator, Speaker/Artist Tables Captain, Speaker Team

Special Qualifications/Preferred Profile:

  • Able to recruit a team and provide leadership for a volunteer Speaker Hospitality/Program Services Group team
  • Must possess leadership qualities, administrative ability, and people skills
  • Must be pro-active, able to multitask
  • Must be teachable, have a humble servant heart and attitude
  • Operate with a “team” spirit
  • Committed to professionalism and excellence in serving PK Speakers and musicians.
  • Be available for on-site team meeting and walk through of the facility
  • Assist Manager in pre-conference room set up; logistical team operations and prepare for speaker arrivals and speaker prayer
  • Provide driver insurance information
  • Check with Speaker/ Artist Tables Captain that all his assignments are covered

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Carefully select a qualified multi-tasking Speaker Dispatcher, quality Runners/Drivers, Stage Assistants, and a Speaker/Artist Tables Captain that are gifted in the area of people skills and logistical skills, and can carry out instructions professionally with a humble servant’s heart and attitude
  • Receive information for the team and train with the PK Speaker Hospitality/Program Services Manager
  • Maintain relationships and communicate with team leading up to event
  • Schedule a team phone training meeting with PK Speaker Hospitality/Program Services Manager

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Assume responsibility for Speaker Hospitality operations on site
  • Work together with PK Speaker Hospitality/Program Services Manager and communicate updates
  • Provide leadership and act pro-actively for team assignments to be carried out in a timely manner and will assist wherever needed
  • Be readily available on-site during conference times
  • Become the speaker’s timekeeper
  • Manage the minute-by-minute according to speaker’s time and location
  • Communicate with speaker on prayer location; interacts with Intercessory Prayer Room Captain
  • Oversee scheduling of media interviews (if applicable)
  • Maintain relationship and communication with speakers and volunteer team
  • Prepare and communicate with Speaker Dispatcher on speaker movement
  • Check in periodically during the event with the Speaker/Artist Tables Captain

Post Conference Responsibilities:

  • Confirm with Speaker Dispatcher departure plans and execution post conference
  • Confirm with Speaker Dispatcher that all departures are covered for speakers/staff Saturday night or Sunday morning
  • Assist in tear down, assist with clean up
  • Acknowledge and thank volunteer team
  • Provide conference debrief to PK Speaker Hospitality/Program Services Manager

Time Commitment/Shift(s):