Speaker Hospitality Runner/Driver

Purpose: To assist with onsite logistics and also provide transportation for platform personnel to and from airport, venue and hotel. Speaker Hospitality Runner/Driver may also serve as a speaker host; meet and greet speakers, help manage speaker conference schedule when not driving, help monitor speaker locations and run courier duties as assigned.

Reports to: Speaker Hospitality Captain
Works closely with: Speaker Hospitality Team

Special Qualifications/Preferred Profile:

Be available both days Friday and Saturday. Be flexible with assignments and willingness to serve where needed. Be proactive in communication and professional in conduct with speakers and team. Have a team spirit attitude, teachable and humble heart, but able to give instruction to speakers appropriately if needed.

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Review packet of information and participate in all team training
  • Fill out driver packet and insurance information
  • Be available for on-site training and venue walk-through
  • Be aware of all venue room assignments and locations
  • Locate speaker merchandise area or tables
  • Be a team player and serve where needed
  • Receive instruction from Speaker Hospitality Captain and Speaker Dispatcher in preparation for speaker driver instructions, speaker arrivals
  • Act proactively and communicate closely with Speaker Dispatcher and Speaker Hospitality Captain
  • Confirm flights with airlines
  • Welcome speaker, provide communication of time and place to speaker for next pickup

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Be on call and serve where needed; provide courier runs when needed
  • Help manage speaker conference schedule according to minute-by-minute
  • Be aware of all speaker movement and location, and provides hosting when necessary
  • Work closely with Speaker Dispatcher, Speaker Hospitality Captain and carry out duties as assigned
  • Be on call for speaker transportation runs during event back to the hotel
  • Prepare proactively with Speaker Dispatcher for departures following conference close and staff departures/van returns

Post Conference Responsibilities:

  • Assist with clean up and tear down if time permits
  • Receive instructions from Speaker Dispatcher
  • Check on flights with airlines
  • Provide transportation immediately following the conference for hotel and airport transportation runs
  • Receive van return, refueling instructions
  • Receive dismissal instructions from Speaker Dispatcher, Speaker Hospitality Captain, PK Speaker Hospitality/Program Services Manager

Time Commitment/Shift(s):