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    Offering / Door Open Captain

Purpose: To recruit, direct, and oversee the Offering/Door Open Team. To develop and implement an offering plan – providing instruction and guidance to the Offering/Door Open Team in all aspects of the plan. Facilitate the scanning of attendee e-tickets and distribution of wristbands. Coordinate the distribution of Promise Keeper conference programs/handbooks to attendees as they enter venue, and as needed. Supervise “door access control” process for attendees in accordance with PK policy. Ensure every church within your sphere of influence actively partners in sending men to the conference.

Reports to: Conference Services Group II Leader

Works closely with: Offering/Door Open Team, Security Captain, PK Conference Services Manager

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Become familiar with job descriptions for the Offering/Door Open Team members
  • Recruit the Offering/Door Open Team
  • Help to ensure the conference is “SOLD OUT”
  • Attend scheduled conference leadership planning/prayer meetings to ensure:
    • Volunteer conference job descriptions are handed out
    • Understanding of Conference Team Roster/Overview
    • All volunteer paperwork is completed
    • Volunteer positions are filled in accordance with Volunteer Position & Shift Schedule
    • Understand recruiting methods, resources, and strategies
  • Obtain general event information from your Conference Services Group II Leader
  • Find out which doors/entrances will be used for entry by the attendees
  • Obtain diagrams identifying sections and seat count, you will need electronic and hardcopy
  • Develop a written offering plan with assistance from the Conference Services Group II Leader and Security Captain, contact Conference Services Group II Leader for plan details:
    • Determine the actual number of Offering volunteers required
    • Determine section assignments for Offering volunteers
    • Determine number of offering buckets and bucket flow
    • Identify time and length of collection time as identified in the program minute-by-minute
    • Complete schedule and section assignment worksheets/map, if needed
    • Identify recovery plan for buckets & usher vests, every bucket & vest must be returned
  • Review plan for subsequent trash collection at the conclusion of the conference, gathering bags to disposal site
  • Check with Conference Services Group II Leader regarding the location of the conference program/handbook shipment, if applicable

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the Offering/Door Open Team is recruited prior to the beginning of the conference
  • Oversee distribution of Offering vests as they check in: Note – A meeting time on Saturday morning and meeting location must be determined in advance and passed on to each Offering volunteer as they check in, conduct Offering training meeting on Saturday morning day of conference
  • Supervise “door access control” process for attendees in accordance with PK policy
  • Ensure your Door Open Team is in place 30 minutes prior to door opening, check program schedule
  • Need to ensure all attendees have their required e-ticket, and wristbands are in place for issue
  • Program (Conference Handbook) Distribution
    • Meet with PK Conference Services Manager to confirm a distribution plan (receipt, staging, & distribution) for the programs
    • Coordinate the contents of the conference program/handbooks and obtain PK Conference Services Manager approval for any & all inserts
  • Handle the delivery of programs to the various door entrances & distribution points, ensure the programs are in place prior to door opening
  • Implement the offering plan, coordinating with Security Captain

Time Commitment/Shift(s):