Volunteer Check-in

Purpose: To assist the Volunteer Check-In Captain with an orderly process for checking in conference volunteers. Ensure every church within your sphere of influence actively partner in sending men to the conference.

Reports to: Volunteer Check-In Captain

Works closely with: Volunteer Deployment Team

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Help recruit other Volunteer Deployment Team members, if needed
  • Help to ensure the conference is “SOLD OUT”
  • Discuss and understand Volunteer Check In operations with the Volunteer Check In Captain:
    • Check In area layout
    • Volunteer Master Tracking check in document
    • Volunteer Liability Waiver form
    • Credentials/meals
    • T-Shirts
    • Various conference teams
  • Familiarize yourself with general event information:
    • PK Marketplace store location, Exhibits area, Special Needs, Deaf Seating area, Spanish Interpretation radio distribution, etc.
    • Parking, restrooms, special needs, Guest Services, first aid
    • Volunteer Hospitality feeding area and times
    • Program schedule, door opening times

Conference Responsibilities:

  • Receive training from the Volunteer Check In Captain
  • Check in pre-assigned using the Volunteer Tracking Master document (and walk up volunteers, if needed)
  • Ensure Volunteer Liability Waiver forms are filled out clearly and accurately
  • Only after collecting these liability forms are Volunteer T-Shirts issued
  • Issuance/control of Volunteer T-shirts, these are secured and never left unattended
  • Ensure volunteers are greeted, checked in, and directed to their assigned volunteer location
  • Provide conference information and directions to volunteers and conferees as needed
  • Help keep Volunteer Check In area neat and tidy, and assist with closure and clean-up activities
  • All completed Volunteer Liability Waiver forms are given to Volunteer Check In Captain for transfer to the PK Conference Services Manager

Time Commitment/Shift(s):