Luke 12:22-34 – “Why Worry?”
Worry infects all members of society. In today’s turbulent culture, people worry about their health, their wealth, their jobs, their families and their futures. Jesus understood our tendency to worry. That’s why He addressed the issue head on. The Lord not only commanded us not to worry, he told us why we shouldn’t. Consider the following points:
  • Worry ignores God’s faithfulness. If God feeds the birds and clothes the flowers, doesn’t it make sense that he’ll provide for us?
  • Worry ignores its own limitations. Has anything ever changed for the better because we worried about it? Of course not! Yet we worry as though the mere act of worrying will somehow make a difference.
  • Worry ignores God’s love. Unbelievers, like fatherless orphans, worry about the future. But God’s children don’t need to worry. The God who gives life also cares for his own.
  • Worry ignores the present. When we worry about the future, we miss out on the blessings of today.
The next time you find yourself worrying, turn to this passage. If you’re still anxious after reading it, then ask yourself which of these four things you’re ignoring. Consider how different your perspective might be if you didn’t ignore them.
This devotional is an excerpt from the PK Study Bible