Just recently I held an amazing document in my hand. It was a document of promise and hope – and I had one of those, “Wow! This is really going to happen” moments.

You see, I was holding the finalized version of Promise Keepers contract with a major NFL stadium for the PK 2020 event. There was the signature of my brother Ken Harrison across from the NFL representative.

After such long hard work to see this through, my heart was full of gratitude to the Lord.

Yale Kim is Promise Keepers’ Director of Events. Yale a sharp young man with a wonderful wife and three beautiful sons who scurry around his feet chasing each other amidst gleeful laughter. He started engaging the leadership of the stadium back in June 2018. Yale is a dedicated professional who knows events inside and out. Through his business, Catalyst Convergence, he has created and led numerous Christian events and mobilized tens of thousands of people to attend. It was Yale who let our team to secure this important stadium contract.

Over the last eight months there have been consistent negotiations, numerous drafts resulting in further negotiations, with additional add-ons including staging, ticket takers, concessions, a “no alcohol policy,” even down to reducing the cost for parking and other potentially costly aspects to attendees. Yale did a yeoman’s job in getting the work done.

After nearly 30 years in the legal profession, seven as a Circuit Court Judge, I have seen thousands of contracts and had participated in more negotiations that I can count. And yet, I can’t tell you the sense of blessing I felt knowing that the signed contract was in my hands – good work Team PK!!

Take a moment and thank the Lord for His faithfulness and His favor.

Stay tuned – we will release the location in early May. The plan is to make tickets available in early June. This is going to be awesome!

By Judge Vance Day, Promise Keepers COO