We're on a mission to strengthen and equip every man to live with 


And be a changemaker for Christ.

We’re building on the past to redefine the future.

Founded in 1990 by Coach Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers is one of the biggest movements of God in the history of the Church.

Focused on helping men live with integrity, Promise Keepers touched the lives of seven million men through its national conferences. On October 4, 1997, over a million of these men gathered in the National Mall of Washington, D.C. to take a stand for Christ.

A movement reignited to reach the next generation

Today, we’re on the move again. We’re praying for massive revival and transformation in our nation by 2025. You’re invited to join with us.

More than ever, America needs a revival of godly men. Our nation faces problems that can only be overcome when men of integrity — promisekeeping men — fulfill their destinies as godly husbands, fathers, and leaders.

Promise Keepers is here today to reunite, rebuild, re-imagine, and inspire the hearts of men.

Our Vision
Partner with us as we develop a new wave of community, mission, and leadership support for the men of today.

Now is the time for a new movement of men. As brothers, let's become who we're created to be, knowing our identity, purpose, and destiny in Christ. Then let's do, linking arms to change the world for good … and for God. Join the new era of Promise Keepers. Help bring transformation and revival to our families, churches, and communities by 2025.

Promise Keepers will go back to its roots established in the early ‘90s. We will have one major event per year. It will be in late July and in an NFL stadium. We will become completely involved in the host city, its local churches and local ministries at least one year prior to the event. Promise Keepers will be givers to the city, being Christ’s hands and feet and actively spreading the Gospel. Each event will have a specific theme and that theme will have a Bible study that goes along with it. All Promise Keepers staff and speakers must volunteer serve in the local ministries prior to the event.

2020 will be the year of our first big in-stadium event and will be a call to be men of action. We are not called to sit passively in a pew once a week. We’re called to change the world for Christ! We must be leading in our churches, assembling prayer groups, leading Bible studies and serving the poor. The event will be available for groups to simulcast. We want to actively engage churches all over the US and the world to make this their men’s retreat weekend - to come together to watch the event live. Imagine the unity that can occur in the church as millions of men watch the same speakers, sing the same songs and pray the same prayers together? Imagine if many of those same men go through the same deep, direct Bible study together during that fall? Jesus said that where two or more are gathered together in His name, He is there with them (Matthew 18:20). We want to have our Lord present with hundreds of thousands of small groups that are formed after the Promise Keepers event, studying His Word and crying out to Him for our nation.

Promise Keepers’ goal is to bring about revival through a global movement that calls men back to courageous, bold, leadership. We will be the spark that calls men back to God’s Word, sharing their faith and caring for the poor and oppressed throughout the world. We will be a platform to men’s ministries, churches and ministries by fully participating with them, promoting them and supporting them. We are a one-time per year stadium event only. We intend to drive all other issues to the ministries that specialize in them.

We want men's ministries and churches to be able to use our event for their own purposes. Local churches can bring their men’s groups, military leaders can bring their men, men’s ministries can make this an event…each will find resources and promotion of their ministry there. Groups like Wingmen, Iron Sharpens Iron or Man in the Mirror will be invited to participate and have their resources available. We are simply a part of the church uplifting and helping men come together corporately.

Promise Keepers Conference for 2020

We're calling on men everywhere — all of us — to boldly rise up and STAND STRONG as the men God intended us to be.

Join us July 31-August 1, 2020, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, in the heart of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Just like the iconic Promise Keepers conferences of previous years, we’re going to shake the foundations as we worship together. We’re going to drink deeply from the Word of God. And we’re going to return home as changed men. Through Fire Teams — small groups of men in each church linked by a smartphone app — we’re going to stay connected like never before. Together we will bless our families, strengthen our churches, and transform our communities. We won’t rest until we’ve brought radical revival to this country. And we need you to join us.

Register for the PK 2020 Conference - and invite others to join you.

While we are focusing on one major conference per year, we invite churches and groups to bring the conference to your city via Simulcast. Learn more

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