We believe God is calling Promise Keepers to activate and sustain a social movement of men of faith. Our mission is to follow Jesus Christ in being a powerful and effective agent of transformation among men in our nation and worldwide. We aim to inspire men to live with integrity and mobilize them to answer God’s call to be Changemakers in His name.


Promise Keepers envisions a world in which every man – regardless of denomination, generation, race, or culture – has the opportunity to receive new life, know God’s Word, and follow Christ in Kingdom changemaking. We hope that all men have the chance to experience a life that matters by coming together in community with brothers in Christ to transform our families, neighborhoods, cities, nation, and world.

answering the call

We carry out our mission and vision by reaching men of God in several ways.


Promise Keepers events, partner events, and digital events that will challenge you to become stronger in your faith and live as a man of integrity.


Courses, challenges, blogs, and more that are designed to bring brothers in Christ closer to the Lord, their families, and one another.

The App

Connect with likeminded men down the street or around the world, access exclusive resources from Promise Keepers and our ministry partners, and so much more when you download the Promise Keepers App.

7 promises of a
promise keeper

Founded on Bill McCartney’s belief in the power of the spoken word, the 7 Promises of a Promise Keeper are fundamental commitments for brothers in Christ looking to devote their lives to God and create communities of godly men.


You see, when you make a promise to a brother, you declare your intentions and obligate yourself to follow through. You bind yourself to that person, too. You actually look into the future and determine, by your deliberate choice, that part of it relates to your promise.

Bill McCartney, Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper



The following Christian leaders endorse Promise Keepers…

Ways to support
promise keepers

Give a Financial Gift

The generosity of our financial supporters allows us to add real meaning and value to the lives of men around the world. Help us continue to build our movement of brothers in Christ with a one-time or recurring donation.

Become a Promise Keepers Partner

Become a Promise Keepers Partner and discover new avenues for developing your organization as we work together to build up godly men for a better tomorrow. We offer a variety of ways to get involved with Promise Keepers so that you can determine which works best for your team.

Become an Ambassador

Our Ambassadors do the important work of collaborating with their local churches to build up men’s ministries within their community, and sharing the good news about everything we’re doing at Promise Keepers to bring men of God together.


Our gratitude for every individual and organization that has supported us over the years is endless. The generosity of our friends and partners makes a real impact in adding true meaning and value to the lives of men through God’s Word.

Since 1994, Promise Keepers has been a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. We firmly hold to ECFA’s Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship.

A copy of our IRS Form 900 is available upon request. 

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