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PK 2014

Promise Keepers has an ambitious schedule for 2014. We have 4 traditional two day events locked in. We will also be holding at least 1 special one day events that will be simulcast in that region. Additionally, we will be holding a unique event in Israel that is scheduled in the middle of a mind-blowing tour throughout the Holy Land. More events may still be added to the schedule. More events may still be added.

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2014 Conference Schedule


Jacksonville, FL
May 16/17
A traditional 2 day event
Peoria, IL
June 6/7
A traditional 2 day event
Baton Rouge, LA
June 20/21
A traditional 2 day event
Loveland, CO
July 25/26
A traditional 2 day event
Wallingford, CT
August 9
A special 1 day event simulcast in the New England states
Israel – Jesus Reigns Tour and Event
Sept 14-23
A tour and PK event in the Holy Land



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Making a donation to Promise Keepers today will help to ensure a strong conference season for this year. We want to thank all of the donors to PK for making 2012 a successful year.


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