A New Vision for Promise Keepers

Equipping the next generation of Leaders

Promise Keepers announces the appointment of their new Chairman of the Board, Ken Harrison.

Harrison comes from a successful business background, having built and sold a national real estate company to Colliers International Valuation and then served as CEO of Valuation for five years.

Mr. Harrison also serves as the CEO of WaterStone, a national donor advised fund and is the author of the book Victors and Victims: Are You Being Held Back by a Victim Mentality? His upcoming book, Rise of the Servant Kings: What the Bible says About Being a Man, will be released June 2019.

Promise Keepers is a Christ-centered nonprofit founded in 1990 by Bill McCartney, then head football coach at the University of Colorado Boulder, and is dedicated to motivating men to influence their world through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Promise Keepers’ most notable event was its Stand in the Gap: A Sacred Assembly of Men open-air gathering at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on October 4, 1997. Attendance figures have been estimated at close to 1 million people and rank among the biggest gatherings ever in Washington. 

Dr. Raleigh Washington, Harrison’s predecessor at Promise Keepers, is retiring after many years of service at the ministry. Dr. Washington served by the side of Coach Bill McCartney from the early days.

As Mr. Harrison takes the reigns of leadership from Dr. Washington, he has ambitious plans to bring the organization back to its former influence. “Promise Keepers is needed more today than ever,” said Harrison, “Men want and need clear teaching on what God says about real masculinity.”

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