A New Era

Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers renews the mission and spiritual heritage to raise up the next generation of men to be Kingdom Servant leaders.

A New Era is here and it's needed now more than ever. Join the movement.

A New Era of Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to instilling a passion in men to hear, obey and daily meditate in the Word of God.

We have impacted and transformed the lives of over 7 million men. We introduce men and young adults to Jesus Christ as their Savior. We challenge them to be men of the Word, godly husbands and fathers, live a life of purity, and support their pastors. We are awakening the church to its Biblical responsibility to stand with God’s Chosen people and to break down barriers between race and denominations.


Are You Being Held Back by a Victim Mentality

Success, no matter what its form, has the same foundations. How you understand yourself, God, and your passions will determine whether you live your life as a victim (always wanting and taking more), or a victor (joyously giving more thus receiving more).